Super Bowl 52 odds: Patriots vs. Eagles picks from expert who’s 52-29 on NFL totals

The Philadelphia Eagles and the New England Patriots are collected in Super Bowl LII in Minneapolis. Patriots are 4,5-point favorites, one down the line, one down. Excessive inadequacy, or oddsmakers’ overall score of 48.5 points, half a point from the opener.


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Super Bowl 52

Before choosing the NFL’s biggest game, you have to see what Mike Tierney says.

In the NFC Championship Game between the Vikings and the same Eagles, Tierney told SportsLine readers to give back Over (38). He said it was the lowest in a total of 13 years and that Eagles playmaker Nick Foles would lean on broad receiver Alshon Jeffery. The result: 45 total points from Jeffrey and two touches.

Strikingly, Tierney collected 52-29 NFL sums. Everyone who follows his leadership is moving upwards.

A piece of accomplishment: No one knows NFL like Tierney. New York Times and Los Angeles Times, a national sports writer, has news from seven Super Bowls. And the season knows the most important thing in a betting game.

Now, Tierney has considered Super Bowl LII in every possible way, and Patriots vs. A strong Over-Under was chosen for the Eagles. You can only see it in SportsLine.

Tierney knows that 2018 Super Bowl has two of the league’s top scorer defenses. Eagles was only 18.4 points in the regular session, fourth in the NFL and allowed a total of 17 points in two play-offs he played with Sahin (10) and Vikings (7).

By the way, Patriots normally placed the game at only 18.5 points, fifth in the NFL, and did not give up more than 20 points since the 15th.

However, having Patriots and Eagles’ five best defenses does not mean it falls under the Super Bowl 52.

Crimes are very efficient. These two teams were in second place on a regular basis with 28.6 points per game. And Foles has outplayed the league’s top defenses in the NFC Championship Game more than 350 times and three times. Brady has the last five games so far.

Tierney appreciated all these angles and knew that when he was leaning on the Eagles to cover the spread, there was a great x factor that decided that the Eagles-Patriots were going to overthrow. And he shares it with SportsLine.More